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Ziqaq App : Take A Walk In Jerusalem

Ziqaq : Take A Walk In Jerusalem


Ziqaq (Alley in Arabic) aims to create a reliable source of information about the Old City of Jerusalem in both Arabic and English, from a Palestinian point of view. While touring the old city, Users were supposed to be able to see their location on the map and chose which landmark close to them they would like to visit. Once they chose a landmark they will be able to navigate to the location or look at panoramic images and information on the surrounding landmarks.


  1. The team for building Ziqaq was comprised of designers, developer, photographers, writers and volunteers (people who knew the city). Our first challenge was to break down complex process into actionable items, and make sure that each member of the team was assigned a specific task with clear deliverables and deadlines.
  2. This app was the first of it's kind in Palestine. Resources, knowledge and references were scarce. The app was commissioned by Palvision Association and funded by Hex Eper. The deadline to finish it was 6 weeks. 
Wireframes Phase 1

Wireframes Phase 1


The design team lead the initial research, concepting and wire-framing with the assistance of writers and volunteers, while photographers ventured off into taking panoramic photographs of about 250 locations in Jerusalem.  

After finishing the first phase of wireframing, we went on to edit the 500+ photographs delivered to us by the team. Our writers task was to start gathering information in both Arabic and English about each landmark, while the volunteers had to find list each location on the map with it's coordinates so we can hand it off to development. Our developer's first task was to find a way to resize the images so that the app won't be too heavy to use. 

    Wireframes after several iterations

    Wireframes after several iterations


    1. The problematic aspect about tech oriented projects funded by international aid organization is that the project exists to serve a purpose within a specific timeframe. This was exactly the case for Ziqaq. It was created without plans for growth or improvement. There are many things that I would love to fix (Like enabling users to zoom in by pinching)  and I would love to see this app reach it's full potential.
    2. After the project was delivered, we saw several variations of it online