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Ziqaq App : Take A Walk In Jerusalem

Ziqaq : Take A Walk In Jerusalem





Ziqaq (Alley in Arabic) is a reliable source of information about Jerusalem’s history in both Arabic and English, from a Palestinian perspective.

Ziqaq provides a Palestinian perspective on Jerusalem’s history that can be used, not just by tourists, but also Palestinians from outside Jerusalem. The app covers the annexed parts of Jerusalem that were captured by Israel in 1967 Six Day War. These areas include most of the holy sites and city landmarks. The app provides information in Arabic and in English, making it one of the rare resources to provide real-time information on Jerusalem's landmarks. The information includes panoramic photos, a historic overview, the number of Israeli surveillance cameras installed in these areas by the army and police, how many Palestinians were imprisoned in a certain area, and other controversial topics.  

Ziqaq was the first of it's kind in Palestine. Resources, knowledge and references were scarce. The app was commissioned by Palvision Association and funded by Hex Eper. The deadline to finish it was 12 weeks.

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My Role:

I put together a team of two designers, two developers, writers, photographers and several locals who know the area, and started with leading the initial research. Concepting and wire-framing were being developed in parallel with the assistance of writers and volunteers, while photographers ventured off into taking panoramic photographs of about 250 locations in Jerusalem.  

After finishing the first phase of wireframing, we went on to edit the 500+ photographs that were delivered. The writer’s task was to start gathering information in both Arabic and English about each landmark, while the locals had to find each location on the map with it's coordinates so we can hand it off to development.

Putting a team together  >  Discovery/Research  >  Wire-framing  >  Photography  >  App Design   >  Lead Front-End Development  >  Launch