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During my two years at HipHopDX, I oversaw a number of features. Several of these were targeted towards our Editorial staff in order to make their user experience better. Others were targeted towards the 3 million readers of the site. I cannot display all the details here but I would love to talk about it! Here is a short overview:




In 2015, HipHopDX launched the mobile site. After several iterations, mockups and sleepless nights, version 1 of the system is up and running. 

This was one of my first projects at DX. I worked closely with our developer, and DX CEO. Went through use cases and user scenarios, wireframes, reduced the concept till we had an MVA. I was in charge of UI design, prototyping, testing and QA. 



Following the launch of DX comment system. I designed one for (owned by the same company). Click the link and scroll to the bottom and take a look. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 1.21.06 AM.png


After monitoring user behavior and trends we found that country music fans place a lot of value in song lyrics, so we decided to add a lyrics section to where users are able to browse and search for their favorite lyric. This is the first version for the section. The upcoming ones will include guitar tabs and a more extensive search system